Webinar How to bring your data story to life



Let’s face it: when it comes to data, most non-data people find it difficult to make a correlation between an endless stream of numbers and specific actions they need to take. Once upon a time, this was a frustrating dilemma for data reporters, as all their hard work was going misunderstood and underappreciated. That was before…

Fast forward to today. Thanks to tools like dashboards, data reporters are becoming more creative in the way they approach data visualization, and non-data people are responding. One technique that is quickly gaining popularity is Data Storytelling.

Data storytelling may sound like a buzzterm, but the truth is that numbers can and do tell a story, and it’s just up to you – the data visualizer – to determine what that story is and how best to communicate it to your audience. With dashboards and data visualization, you can create a narrative for your audience that they not only understand, but respond to.

In our upcoming webinar, you will learn how to bring your data story to life so that you can inspire informed change in all areas of your organization. Join iDashboards experts Dayna Charlton and Ben Clark as they discuss:

You’ll learn:

  • What details to include in your data story
  • How to keep your story in context (and why you should)
  • How to use color and design to your advantage
  • Where to publish your story for maximum viewing potential

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