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Wall Display

With an iDashboards Wall Display, you can share real-time data and key metrics with your entire organization. They are the perfect tool to engage your office with data, spread transparency, and promote a data-driven mentality. Reach colleagues with up-to-date metrics whether they're in the office, on the shop floor, or in the hospital break room. Pick and choose the dashboards you want to display on any monitor or Smart TV in your organization, and manage multiple slideshows remotely. Best of all, Wall Displays sync directly to your database and update automatically, so you're always sharing the most relevant data. You can also drill down, pivot, and interact with charts with a mouse or touchscreen. Wall Displays brings a new level of transparency to your data and encourage accountability throughout your organization.

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Public Access License

Want to get more eyes on your dashboards? With a Public Access License, you can share engaging and informative dashboards with the world. Publish your dashboards to a website or your company’s intranet, and viewers can interact with the charts online, while your back-end data stays secure. The Public Access License also allows for sharing of individual charts and graphs that can embed into HTML to create a dynamic and informative experience on any website. When you share metrics with your constituents, clients, and customers, you don't have to say you're committed to transparency: you're showing it.

Satellite Data Hubs

If your organization has multiple locations, it can be a challenge to get everyone access to the same information. Disparate data can cause substantive issues when you’re trying to make decisions. With iDashboards, you can install Satellite Data Hubs at each of your sites and sync them together over the Internet. That way, you can easily share and blend data across offices and create a single source of truth that keeps the whole organization on the same page. Each office will be connected to the same prepared data, whether they’re located in London, Lisbon, or L.A.

Data Hub - A single source of truth