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As a partner of iDashboards, you bring value to what it means for customers to capture the entire story of their data. Our partner program is built by companies who are leaders in their industry, committed to serving their clientele, and passionate about innovation. Throughout our partnership, we will support your goals so you can improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and deliver a robust solution.

“The iDashboards’ product is stable, gave us every feature imaginable, and displays incredibly well. It sells itself.“

Wendy Hitchcock, Programmer, Spruce Computer Systems, Inc.

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Integrate, embed, and incorporate



Support, sell, and augment



Expand, complement, and collaborate

OEM Partnership


Improve customer retention and add revenue. Integrate into your existing technologies with versatile single sign-on, security and scaling.

Affordable software with flexible licensing. Spend less time on building and maintenance so your team can focus on your core product.

Gain immediate access to white label BI software. Build a differentiator with a quick go-to-market plan.

“The partnership has been a win-win for both companies. ”

Mark Ryan,
Vice President, CostFlex

VAR Partnership

Affordable software with flexible licensing (SaaS, Prem or Hosted). Higher Partner Margin with annuity for the life of the client.

Share data with clients/vendors, public access via web, or place wall displays around office or shop floor. Individual-based permissions to support native single sign-on technology

Offer clients a solution that brings in disparate data, tracks KPIs, uses real-time data, highlights correlations, bridges data silos, and removes human errors through automated reporting. Unlimited licenses for enterprise customers.

“…Nothing else around could do that. ”

Christopher Becker ,
Director of Revenue Cycle Management, Connexin Software, Inc.

Referral & Strategic Partnerships

Build awareness of your product, extension, or integration by collaborating with iDashboards to create a comprehensive BI solution that is agile, cost efficient, and scalable

Differentiate your offerings to your client base to improve their data infrastructure and analytics through the added value of real-time dashboards and operational intelligence.

Opportunities for product display across various marketing outlets and events of iDashboards

“Increased business value to our customers. ”

Anna Litvak-Hinenzon ,
Director of Performance Management, Verisae

Dedicated to your success

Throughout our partnership together, our team at iDashboards will focus on ensuring you are equipped and empowered to deliver to your customers.


Provide to customers right away – whether selling, integrating into your technology, or adding a collaborative dimension to the iDashboards solution. We’ll set you up with the foundation to differentiate and get to market sooner.


While you stay focused on your presence and influencing action, we’ll meet your needs for branding, event sponsorship, content materials, and other business development resources.


Our world-class support takes pride in your growth, making sure your technology remains consistent and effective with iDashboards.

From across the globe, we’re putting data to work.

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