How Human Resources Can Successfully Lead Directional Change

3 Steps HR Can Take to Successfully Lead Change The only constant in life is change, a maxim that is particularly true in the field of human resources. From the beginning of a new employee’s career, until the day they…

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Engage to Innovate or Innovate to Engage – Which Comes First?

CEOs and managers regularly spout the benefits of increased employee engagement. They cite the benefits of lower turnover rates, increased productivity, a safer workplace, higher profits, and less wasted expenditure as their top reasons for wanting a more involved team.…

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How to Know If You’re Asking Job Interviewees the Right Questions

When it comes to landing a new job, giving the right answers during the interview is everything. For recruiters, though, it’s important to understand that interviewees might not give the right answers if they aren’t asked the right questions. While…

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An Inside Look at iDashboards’ Core Values

When you ask one of our team members what it’s like to work at iDashboards, you might get an overwhelming amount of information on the inner workings of dashboards and how they can solve data challenges. What can we say…

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Employee Satisfaction, Your Business’ Success, & The Data Connecting Them

At iDashboards, we’ve talked about the importance of workplace diversity and how it influences your organization’s success. Now it’s time to uncover another set of metrics that can make your business a better place to work: data that reflects employee…

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Dashboards for HR Professionals: Embrace the Performance Reality

Embrace the performance reality; you have seven minutes to leave a lasting impression. I think all HR professionals would agree that in today’s business environment, there is an ongoing challenge to transform the perception of the human resources department from…

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