How Human Resources Can Successfully Lead Directional Change

3 Steps HR Can Take to Successfully Lead Change The only constant in life is change, a maxim that is particularly true in the field of human resources. From the beginning of a new employee’s career, until the day they…

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How to Create A Data-Led Content Strategy For Your Business

The content marketing world is in somewhat of an awkward transitional phase. On one hand, you have staunch advocates of — for lack of a better term — the old ways: writing exclusively for people, going by your gut, running…

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The Importance of Visualizing the Sales Pipeline

Tracking Data Points Along the Sales Pipeline No matter what your product or industry, identifying and tracking your sales pipeline is integral to your sales team’s success. Using concrete data, you can visualize each phase of the sales process, understand…

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How to Create a Data-Driven Culture that Sticks

You’ve been in meetings countless times, usually reviewing productivity, budgets, revenue but you feel like you’re getting next to nowhere. When someone does have an idea on how to make more money for the company, it often starts with “I…

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#iDashboards16 – Customer Panel: Creating Influence

IDashboards is adding multiple customers every day, and the iDashboards “veterans” are becoming more and more valuable to our organization. That is why we are live at #iDashboards16 Conference with three of our Most Valuable Players, teaching us how to…

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How Dashboards Are Changing the Face of Modern Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a major player in the U.S. economy with industries like steel, automobile, telecommunications, electronics and consumer goods taking center stage. As digital products like cellphones and tablets influence consumers’ lives, a new player is on deck to join…

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