change management

Paradigm Shifts and Business Transformation

Data, Business Transformations, and New Year’s Resolutions — Oh My! The New Year is upon us, and there’s no better time for businesses to start thinking about resolutions. Whether you’re looking to improve a few processes or completely transform the…

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How Human Resources Can Successfully Lead Directional Change

3 Steps HR Can Take to Successfully Lead Change The only constant in life is change, a maxim that is particularly true in the field of human resources. From the beginning of a new employee’s career, until the day they…

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#iDashboards17 Austin: Kicking Off With “What if?”

It’s a beautiful day in Austin, Texas! We’ve left a chilly and grey Michigan and gathered with iDashboards users from all around the country to discuss best practices, swap success stories, and share key insights. We began on Monday night…

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